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West Lounge
Banquet set-up West Lounge
East Lounge

If you are interested in holding a meeting with us, please call 608.342.1296 or e-mail to inquire about availability.

Meeting space options

  • West Lounge: This area is 695 square feet with narrow conference tables that can be modified to meet set-up needs. Please specify which room set-up you prefer (seminar, u-shaped, open square, conference or theatre-style). Banquet style with 5' rounds are also available with prior notice for an additional charge.
  • East Lounge: This area is 887 square feet with square tables that can be used for banquet set-ups for up to 34 attendees. A large screen TV, fireplace, and lounge chairs also occupy one end of this space.


Available on-site

  • Portable projector
  • Portable projection screen
  • Laptop
  • Dry-erase boards with markers
  • Easles
  • Pads of paper with markers

Anything not listed may be ordered with delivery fees from the University's Production Services Office.
Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the facility.


Rental Rate
West Lounge/East Lounge $40/day/lounge
Courtyard Only $35/day
Outdoor Recreation Space Only $12/hour
Extended Business Hours $12/hour
Portable Projector $20/day
Laptop $20/day
Portable Screen $5/day
  • West Lounge, East Lounge, and Courtyard rental includes use of the kitchen and access to the public restrooms.
  • Outdoor recreation space only includes use of the public restrooms.
  • Extended business hours are for meetings that occur outside of normal business hours of Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m. and are charged by the full hour (no halves or quarters).
  • If you are coordinating an event at the facility that includes meeting and lodging use, meeting rates apply if 50% or more of the number of guests in attendance at the meeting, are not overnight guests (per day).
  • Cancelation Policy: Cancelations made three days or less of the date of the meeting will be charged the full amount of the reservation.

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