Consumer Behavior

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Course Number: BUSADMIN 3740
Course Name: Consumer Behavior (Online)
Course Description:    Consumer behavior reaches for a better understanding of the consumer buying process. It begins with an examination of basic, standard steps that consumers take while making a purchasing decision and moves into consumer motives based on various consumer cohorts. The marketing student -- after having studied consumer behavior -- will have a stronger appreciation for the basis of consumer needs and will be better prepared to serve them.
Prerequisites:    BUSADMIN 2630 or AGINDUS 2430
Level: Undergraduate
Credits: 3
Format: Online

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Additional Information

Learning Outcomes

  • Produce effective marketing messages based on specific consumer needs.
  • Formulate strategic marketing recommendations based on a review of social demography and lifestyle trends.
  • Evaluate the typical purchase process for any product, service, or cause.
  • Describe the role of internal and external influences on the purchase process.
  • Demonstrate proficiency to write without spelling, grammar, or syntax errors.

Unit Descriptions

  • Unit 1 External Influences.
  • Unit 2 Internal Influences.
  • Unit 3 Influencing the Decision Process

Exams:  There are 0 exams for this course.
Assignments:   There are 3 written case analyses, plus 1 for the graduate level
Group Assignments:  There are 3 group projects for this course.

Grading Information
The breakdown of points is as follows:

Assignments Points
Lesson Discussions – Initial Posts (10 @ 10 pts each) 100
Lesson Discussions – Response Posts (10 @ 10 pts each) 100
Written Case Analyses  
Written Case Analysis 1 100
Written Case Analysis 2 100
Written Case Analysis 3 100
Group Activities  
Unit 1 Group Activity  50
Unit 2 Group Activity  50
Unit 3 Group Activity  50
Total Points 650

Grading Scale:

A 93+
A- 90-92.99
B+ 87-89.99
B 84-86.99
B- 80-83.99
C+ 77-79.99
C 74-76.99
C- 70-73.99
D+ 67-69.99
D 60-66.99
F 59.99 or below

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