International Supply Chain Management

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Course Number: ISCM 7100
Course Name: International Supply Chain Management (Online)
Course Description:    This course focuses on the importance of international supply chain management. It provides an overview of international logistics, global strategy for logistics and supply chain management, as well as structuring of the global supply chain. The international trade environment, total cost approach of materials, competitive relationships among international organizations, exchange fluctuations, practices of import/export, and other related topics will be explored.
Prerequisites:    Graduate standing and BUSADMIN 4100/6100 or consent of instructor
Level: Graduate
Credits: 3
Format: Online

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Learning Outcomes

This course will provide a comprehensive understanding and assessment of the field of International Supply Chain Management. It will identify current trends and best practices. Upon completion of the course students will

  • Understand the key technological and management issues related to the successful management and coordination of global supply chains.
  • Use the appropriate costing models for international supply chains.
  • Understand the complexities involved in moving goods and materials across borders; apply global transportation factors, including modes, INCO terms, and shipping arrangements.
  • Recognize global sourcing perspectives.
  • Examine quality and social responsibility considerations (e.g. ISO9000, sustainability codes, etc.).
  • Evaluate choices and operational decisions in the establishment of an international supply network.

Unit Descriptions

Unit 1: Understanding the Global Supply Chain
Understanding the environment in which the firm will operate is critical to strategic development and implementation. Nowhere is this truer than in the global environment. The lessons in this unit address the following areas essential to understanding global supply chains: global supply chain management strategy, assessing the global environment, demand management, inventory management, knowledge management, and process orientation.

Unit 2: International Sourcing
In today’s business environment companies must face the best ways to respond to competitive demands. The development of global strategies and approaches, including global sourcing strategy, is becoming more and more commonplace. In this unit we will uncover global suppliers, sourcing, and outsourcing.

Unit 3: International Logistics
A professional in Supply Chain should understand the global implications of logistics. This unit will introduce the student to international transportation, storage, import/export procedures, as well as global supply chain security and supply chain risk.  

Grading Information
Grades will be determined based on the total number of points earned for assigned activities. The activities in this course will be graded as follows:

Activity      Possible Points
Individual Activity, 14 @ 10 pts. Each  140
Term Definitions, 3 @ 4 pts. Each  12
Class Discussions, 14 @ 7 pts. each     98
Collaborative Assignments, 10 @ 14 pts. each 140
Term Paper, 1 @ 170 pts.   170
Total Points     560

The following scale will be used:

Overall Percentage Letter Grade
100% - 90%  A
89% - 80%  B
79% - 70%  C
69% - 60%  D
59% - 0%  F

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