Police Administration

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Course Number: CRIMLJUS 3330
Course Name: Police Administration (Online)
Course Description:    Principles of police administration and organization; detailed analysis of police administration such as budgeting, personnel management, implementation of programs toward fulfillment of objectives and decision making.
Prerequisites:    CRIMLJUS 2130 with a "C" or better and junior standing or consent of the instructor
Level: Undergraduate
Credits: 3
Format: Online

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Learning Outcomes
Not available at this time.

Unit Descriptions
Lesson 1: The Evolution of American Policing
Lesson 2: Community Policing
Lesson 3: External Influences and Controls
Lesson 4: Concepts of Police Organizational Design
Lesson 5: Leadership
Lesson 6: Human Resources Management
Lesson 7: Labor Relations
Lesson 8: Legal Aspects of Police Administration

Number of Exams:  There are 2 exams for this course.

Number of Assignments:  There are 8 discussions, 8 quizzes, and a research paper for this course.

Number of Projects:  There are no group projects for this course.

Grading Information

Chapter Quizzes                        320 points             
Discussion Questions                  75 points             
Discussion Board Participation  100 points             
Research Paper                          100 points

Examinations                             200 points

A         95-100%
A-        90-94%
B+       86-89%
B         83-85%
B-        80-82%
C+       76-79%
C         73-75%
C-        70-72%
D+       66-69%
D         60-65%
F          less than 60%

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