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The SUCCEED (Scholars Unleashing Collegiate Creativity and Enriching Educational Development) Summer Learning Program is a 3-week intensive program that starts prior to the start of the school year. 

  1. A jump start on academic courses
  2. Daily writing and math workshops
  3. Campus resource presentations
  4. Success based workshops
  5. Team building and cultural awareness activities

Recent partipants of the program shared the following:

     "I'm glad I decided to participate in the SUCCEED program because I now know what to look forward to when school starts, I feel better prepared for the upcoming school year."

    "I wouldn't have met the friends I have and I was nervous about coming to campus and not knowing where anything is and SUCCEED helped me know where the majority of the buildings and places for help are located."

     "Participating in SUCCEED gave me a greater sense of what the typical class setting would feel like, what I could expect from professors, and how to better manage my time. I also was informed of a lot of campus resources that were foreign to me and given the opportunity to pick up credits and get oriented with campus before the fall semester started."

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