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What is Desire2Learn?

The Desire2Learn course management system, often known as D2L, is used to deliver learning resources to students, including syllabi, course content and other documents, and multimedia content. Students also use Desire2Learn to submit assignments, take tests and quizzes, and collaborate with instructors and classmates.

How can I edit my profile on Desire2Learn?  

Once you're signed into Desire2Learn, you can begin editing your profile by clicking the drop-down arrow to the right of your name in the top right corner of your Desire2Learn home page.  Choose Profile and then follow the instructions to edit your information.  

Why can't I log on to Desire2Learn?

There are several issues that prevent logging on to Desire2Learn including password trouble and scheduled maintenance.  For up-to-date maintenance information and who to contact for password help, see the UW-Platteville Desire2Learn login page.  

What file types can I submit to a Dropbox? 

Desire2Learn accepts all file types but professors may not.  If you are unsure about whether or not your instructor will be able to open and view your file, it's best to check with him/her.  

How do I join an online room in Desire2Learn?

There must be an online room available to you in order to join an online room.  For more information, please see our tutorial, On-Line Rooms.

Who can I contact to get more help?


The purpose of the Instructional Center for Educational Technologies is to:
  • provide training and support of software programs used by students and instructors in the process of teaching and learning
  • develop documentation associated with uses of software used in academic endeavors
  • assist with research activities that use technology to enhance the scholarship of teaching and learning
  • identify resources and research results to showcase best practices in the area of educational technology
  • provide opportunities for instructors to share their successes and approaches to using educational technology

If ICET can't help you, we'll point you in the right direction.  

The Instructional Center for Educational Technologies can be reached via email,, or by phone at 608.342.1792.


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