Outcomes and Objectives

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Program Mission

Provide an open, student-friendly environment with frequent student-faculty interaction that results in a quality undergraduate mechanical engineering education and enables our graduates to practice their profession with proficiency and integrity.

Educational Goals and Objectives

  1. Graduate proficient mechanical engineers with a strong background in the technical areas.
    1. Ability to apply mathematics and basic sciences to solve practical problems
    2. Solid background in engineering sciences and design
    3. Solid background in computer tools and methods
    4. Solid background in experimental methods
    5. Sufficient flexibility in curriculum so that students may pursue individual interests
  2. Graduate mechanical engineers with strong professional skills.
    1. Strong communication skills (oral, written, graphical)
    2. Team-working skills
    3. Awareness of and ability to effectively deal with the wide range of societal issues (political, economic, environmental, social, etc.) that drive engineering decision making
    4. Familiarity with the design process in a broad sense, including project planning, project management, implementation, etc.
  3. Graduate engineers who understand the need for and have the capability and motivation to pursue continual professional development.
    1. Ability to keep up to date with current engineering practices, procedures and tools
    2. Ability to successfully pursue graduate or professional study
  4. Graduate engineers who are familiar with ethics and professionalism.
    1. Understanding of ethical principles and typical dilemmas faced by practicing engineers
    2. Understanding of the professional conduct of a practicing engineer
  5. Graduate engineers with a well-rounded education to become quality citizens.
    1. Solid liberal arts and social science background to develop connections between engineering and social and humanistic issues
    2. Support a variety of activities to enhance and broaden the students' opportunities technically and socially

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ME: Contact

Contact Information

Department Chair

Dr. Dave Kunz
Dept. of Mechanical and
Industrial Engineering
1 University Plaza
Platteville, WI 53818

Tel: 608.342.1431
E-mail: kunzd@uwplatt.edu

Admissions Office

Office of Admissions and Enrollment Management
University of Wisconsin-Platteville
1 University Plaza
Platteville, WI   53818

Tel: 608.342.1125
Web: www3.uwplatt.edu/admission

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