Averkamp returns to UWP, nominated as super senior

December 5, 2002

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PLATTEVILLE-As a professional already employed in her field, returning to the University of Wisconsin-Platteville to earn a second degree and become a "broke college student" again was an uncertain decision for Brenda Averkamp of Kieler. However, Diana Trendt of the UW-Platteville Alumni Association couldn't be happier with Averkamp's decision to return to school. Trendt nominated her for this semester's UW-Platteville Alumni Association Super-Senior/Honorary Life Membership Award.

"Brenda has displayed leadership skills when working with me on projects, such as the Alumni Today magazine," Trendt said. "She provided input when I asked questions about the graphic design of pages for the magazine, as well as explained to me the reasoning behind why one design worked better than another. She not only displayed leadership ability on this project and others, but she also validated her knowledge about graphic design and her ability to explain it to someone like me, with little knowledge."

Averkamp anticipates graduating in December 2002 with a bachelor of science degree in communication technologies and an emphasis in graphic design. A 1993 graduate of Cuba City High School and the daughter of Tom and Karen Averkamp of Kieler, Averkamp already has a bachelor of science degree in business administration with an emphasis in finance, earned in 1997 from UWP.

"I came back to UWP last fall to pursue a second bachelor's degree so I could work in a more creative field and expand my career opportunities," Averkamp said. "Since returning to school, I've worked on several publications for the alumni office and did a volunteer internship at the Platteville Area Chamber of Commerce."

In addition to the 17 credits Averkamp is taking this semester, she also works approximately 25 hours per week in the UWP Office of University Publications, designing brochures, posters and other promotional pieces for the University.

"From the first day I met Brenda, she's been extremely focused on developing her skills, learning the finer points of work as a graphic designer and has followed her plan to get a job in the field she wants," said Dennis Cooley, director of the Office of University Information and Communications. "What makes Brenda special - besides her outstanding work ethic - is the way she handles and communicates with her clients. She's got a great personality and has an innate ability to ask the right questions, but she also has fun at the same time. She will be a very good addition to the firm that ultimately hires her."

When Averkamp is not busy at work or school, she enjoys playing volleyball, participating in both winter and summer volleyball leagues. After graduation, Averkamp plans to remain in the area.

"I plan to pursue a career that will allow me to use a combination of my skills, including my past professional experience and the skills that I've learned working in publications and my communications classes," Averkamp said.

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