Sigma Alpha agriculture sorority in development

March 25, 2003

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PLATTEVILLE- Sigma Alpha Chapter, a developing sorority at UW-Platteville, encourages professionalism and women pursuing professions in agriculture to live, learn and work with others.

Sigma Alpha is a national, professional sorority that promotes scholarship, leadership, service and fellowship for women in agriculture. Sigma Alpha is a member of the Professional Fraternal Association and affiliates of America Agri-Women.

Currently there are 45 Sigma Alpha chapters across the nation, 24 alumni chapters and more than 4,000 sisters in agriculture. UW-Platteville's sorority in development (SID) chapter has 22 members this semester.

"We really were lacking a professional organization that contributes to professional women in the field of agriculture," said Rick Bockhop advisor for Sigma Alpha and professor of agriculture. "Sigma Alpha has a large focus on that area in addition to networking and working together. These collaborative efforts enhance employment opportunities and skills."

To be a member of Sigma Alpha, students must maintain a grade point average of 2.25 or greater, be pursuing a degree in agriculture and must be an active member of at least one other club or organization on campus.

"The girls will have an opportunity to share experiences and observe other professionals like themselves in an effort to prepare themselves for future employment," said Bockhop.

Each Sigma Alpha SID chapter is required to complete three service projects per year. One of Sigma Alpha's major community service projects is Ag in the Classroom. This program encourages Sigma Alpha members to visit elementary and middle school classrooms and explain agricultural topics to the students.

Sigma Alpha hopes to attain full sorority privileges at the beginning of next fall, and no longer have sorority in development status.

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