Smith seizes international study opportunity

January 22, 2003

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PLATTEVILLE- UW-Platteville student Adam Smith, a native of Birchwood, will travel to Sweden to continue his education in middle level education. Smith, a junior at UWP, chose to travel to Jönköping University to add diversity to his life, gain a different educational perspective and form friendships.

Smith was prompted to study internationally initially because of a suggestion made by Wally Iselin, the director of clinical experiences and school of education international programs.

"I drove the educators who were going to look at Sweden as a possible place of international study to the Dane County Airport. On the way, Dr. Iselin asked if I would be interested in going if they approved of the University," said Smith. "When they returned, Dr. Iselin asked if I was still interested. I said 'Yes.'"

Smith will be enrolled in Swedish language, culture and society, special education for international students and cultural encounters. He will be taking approximately 30 European Community Transfer System (ECTS) credits,

"UWP has never sent anyone to Jönköping University from the school of education before. I thought it would be a great opportunity," said Smith.

Smith expects to graduate in December 2004. His future plans are to become a middle school math teacher and a basketball coach.

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