Students win GE intern video contest

September 30, 2013

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PLATTEVILLE, Wis.­­­ — This past summer, interns at General Electric including those from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville, were encouraged to form teams and create a video, telling the story of a GE employee. The videos, were aimed at providing audiences with an inside look at what makes having a job at GE great.

A team of five interns created the winning video entry; three of the interns are UW-Platteville students including, Brian Guza, a mechanical engineering major from Taylor, Wis., Craig Mews, a industrial engineering major from Pittsville, Wis., and Jacob Flygare, a mechanical engineering major from Stillman Valley, Ill. Other interns on the team were Peter Olejnik and Taylor Million. The students were all located at GE’s Waukesha, Wis. facility and took on the role of GE Power and Water interns. Natalie Mikecz, a UW-Platteville graduate, also makes an appearance in the video.

The top entry entitled, “Inspiring Careers-GE Interns,” follows a group of GE interns who are excited about what they have accomplished through their internships. An original rap created by the group was popular among viewers of the video, resulting in a win for the team.

“It’s great that GE encourages us as interns to go beyond our everyday work and to share our stories,” said Guza. “With this video, we decided to try something different, which paid off because people actually wanted to watch it.”

In total, 27 entries were submitted in the contest. The theme of the contest was, “Inspiring Careers at GE.” Interns worked in teams to produce a video and share their product through social media outlets. Winners of the contest were based on the video that received the greatest amount of shares and “likes” on several social media sites.

The Reel Intern contest was created to inspire current employees as well as to serve as an external recruitment tool to engage people interested in a career with GE. “Reel Intern started as a fun contest to engage our interns and encourage them to work together to learn about and explore the company aside from their specific projects,” said Steve Canale, GE Corporate’s global staffing manager. “We’ve found over the years that participation helped to broaden their view.”

Written by: Ethan Giebel, UW-Platteville University Information and Communications, (608) 342-1194,

Clear Float

This pane clears float!


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