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Welcome to Porter Hall

Porter Hall, named after Foster B. Porter and built in 1966, is home to approximately 180 men and 66 women and is located in “The Block”. Porter is a popular choice to both freshmen and upperclassmen students.

Porter Hall is divided into eight wings which consist of 6 male wings and 2 female wings. In fall 2012, Porter Hall was the first hall to receive a building-wide renovation. The lobby, front desk, basement, kitchen, lounges, hallways, open area furniture, and student rooms all received updates to give the hall a more modern look. In addition to an open game area/TV lounge, several basement study rooms were created to give residents a place where they can study and focus. Our renovated multipurpose and conference rooms are available to use for programs and group meetings.  An expanded computer lounge allows students to use the hall computers or bring their own laptops down to do work in a quiet environment.
Each year, Porter Hall sponsors an annual social event, called “A Night in Vegas, which is open to the entire campus community to attend. Participants donate money in return for “Vegas money” which they can use for games like blackjack, roulette, and Texas Hold’em. At the end of the evening, participants have the opportunity to participate in an auction where they can use their “Vegas money” to bid on prizes.  The money that’s donated is given to a local charity that is selected by the hall. Porter Hall also works closely with Melcher, Morrow, and Dobson Hall for the annual Block Party which takes place during Welcome Weekend. These halls collaborate with other campus organizations to put on a bash that welcomes residence hall students to UW-Platteville as well as gives the opportunity to meet new people.

From the desk of the resident director

Hello Porter Hall!

April is here. APRIL IS HERE! Wow this year has flown by. The spring semester is half over, but that does not mean that we aren’t still putting on programs and activities for the halls.

Porter’s annual program, Night in Vegas, is next week April 9th at 7pm. It is a 3 dollar donation at the door. All proceeds will be donated to The Make-a-Wish foundation as voted on by the hall. We will have different card and dice games to play for some Porter cash. Many prizes were donated by community businesses and you can use your Porter cash to bid on them!

April break is only 2 short weeks away! Make sure you are planning accordingly. April Break begins Thursday April 17th, and the halls will close at 6pm. The halls will re-open on Sunday April 20th at 5pm. Students are able to stay in the buildings during this break, but you do need to sign up to stay. There will be a sign up form available at the front desk as we approach the break. Make sure you fill out that form to confirm your spot here.  As a reminder if you have a loft and took your bed ends home, those will need to be returned before you can check out for the end of the year. This is a good time to do some spring cleaning to get your room organized as well as taking belongings that are not being used either home or donating them.

The Friday after April Break, Southwest Hall and Porter Hall are working together to bring to you a Friday Night Club event that will make you want to grab your dress clothes and dancing shoes.  On Friday, April 25th from 9pm-11pm in Velzy Commons, we will be host a Great Gatsby-themed spring formal.  Velzy Commons will be transformed into the Roaring 20s with themed decorations, photo opportunities, and music.  We hope that you are able to attend!

Hall Council is continuing to meet at 9:15pm on Tuesday nights. They have themes and games and lots of fun planned for the remainder of the semester. Keep an eye out for the publicity ion your wing or listen to the announcements made by the front desk.

Lastly, if you are returning to Porter Hall next year, and would like to keep your belongings in your bedroom over the summer, you may want to participate in our brand new summer storage program.  All of the information about this program can be found by clicking HERE.
If you have a concern, or just wish to chat, stop by my office!

Will Nolan
Porter Hall Resident Director

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