Patricia Bromley

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Dr. Patricia L. Bromley

Tel: 608.732.1251 (Off-campus)


B.S. University of Wisconsin-Madison
MS.E. University of Wisconsin-Platteville
PH.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison


I am the coordinator and advisor of UW-Platteville’s off-campus master’s degree program in Adult Education. I have approximately 125 advisees, scattered across southern Wisconsin. I am responsible for recruiting students, promoting the program, running the program, and evaluating its effectiveness. In addition, I teach three online psychology classes per year. Since my students are mostly at a distance, I am on campus only 2-3 days per month, but I do have office hours monthly in Madison, Milwaukee, Racine, and Janesville, as well as Platteville.

COUNSLED 6640    Introduction to Professional Counseling
COUNSLED 6940    Advanced Techniques of Counseling
COUNSLED 7230    Crisis Intervention Theories
COUNSLED 7330    Theories of Personality in the Criminal Justice System
COUNSLED 7430    Abnormal Psychology in a Dangerous World

Research/Professional Development

  • Program evaluation
  • Communication apprehension
  • In-law relationships
  • Attachment theory

Other Interests

  • Hiking
  • Reading
  • Music
  • Sewing

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