William Miller

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Dr. William K. Miller

Professor Emeritus
E-mail: millerw@uwplatt.edu
Tel: 608.342.1695
Office: 223 Warner Hall                                                                        


B.A. Hastings College, Nebraska
Ed.D. University of Northern Colorado, Greeley


After 31 years as a dedicated teacher, advisor, and colleague at UW-Platteville, Bill decided to retire at the end of the 1999 academic year. Bill joined the faculty in 1968, leaving only for a short sabbatical in Colorado during which he finished his doctoral studies. While at UW-Platteville, Bill developed our cooperative field experience program, advised the psychology club, was the charter advisor for our Psi Chi chapter, and served as professor and chairperson. Early in his career at UW-Platteville, Bill served on the staff at the University Counseling Services. Since that time, he has become a licensed psychologist and founded a local clinic. Bill has decided to make the clinic his primary focus, but has agreed to help us out on a part-time basis for a while.

Other Interests

  • Hunting/shooting sports
  • Running
  • Guitar playing (Classic rock, folk, and country music)
  • Motorcycling
  • Parenting

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