Living Learning Communities

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Living Learning Communities

In support of the academic mission of the university, the Department of Residence Life is excited to offer the option for students to live in Living Learning Communities as well as Interest Communities.  Associated with this mission, students will pay up to $100 additional fee to support programming and event opportunities associated with their choice of community.

The benefits of living within a Living Learning Community (LLC):

  • Enhanced academic and social opportunities
  • Improved grade point average
  • Greater involvement in learning
  • Increased satisfaction with your UW-Platteville experience
  • Friendships with classmates who may be in the same classes and programs
  • Stronger academic relationships and better connections with faculty members 


The Global Lens Living and Learning Community seeks to foster the development of a supportive community of students, faculty, and staff dedicated to promoting and engaging in opportunities that nurture greater global understanding as well as enhance students' intellectual, personal, and intercultural development through discussion, campus and community events, service, civic engagement, and critical reflection.


The WiSTEM (Women in Science, Technolgoy, Engineering, Mathematics) LLC is a stimulating living environment, where you and other women interested in the STEM fields build strong personal and academic connections with each other and with UW-Platteville faculty and professionals.  The WiSTEM LLC is focused on providing you with a nurturing environment, a support network for academics and everyday life, and an exciting college experience.  Our Living-Learning Community will help in your transition to college life and provide an opportunity for you to develop meaningful friendships with other women in STEM who have similar academic goals. 
Leadership The Leadership Living Learning Community exposes first-year students to theoretically based concepts of leadership, including a relational leadership model centered on social justice challenges first-year students to be increasingly global-oriented; stretches students in their development of self and others; and supports the university’s core purposes of interpersonal development and civic engagement and lifelong learning. We strive to promote a vibrant community of civically
conscious individuals focused on developing exemplary leadership skills through academic, service, social, and community based experiences. This program is ideal for students who have a passion for community outreach and public service. We use an array of service experiences to help students develop a strong understanding of social justice and to foster principles associated with leadership.

Residence Life Interest Communities

Residence Life Interest Communities (RLICs) are available to students who share a common interest.  Interest communities are residential-based living-learning or themed programs designed to enhance the overall undergraduate student experience by fostering one-on-one relationships between faculty, staff and students in a close knit residence hall environment. Students are encouraged to explore intellectual, cultural, and social interests through experiential activities often linked to the academic curriculum.

Many studies have shown that students living within interest communities often achieve higher grade point averages and are more likely to persist until graduation than those students not living in them. In our RLICs, residents have a more effortless way of finding academic resources and social networks because these services will be readily promoted to them.


The First Year Experience Interest Community is designed to assist the freshmen transition from high school to college both academically and socially.  The First Year Experience Interest Community provides students with social opportunities throughout the year with special emphasis on meeting people in the first few weeks of the semester to help form a tight-knit community. Students will also be given tips, resources, and programmatic opportunities aimed at helping them to reach their academic goals. 

Eligibility: Open to all first year students. Enrollment is closed once the building is filled.


The Healthy Living Interest Community is a community designed for any student who would like to develop and practice healthy habits within the residence halls in support of their overall personal wellness. No specific academic component is required to live in this themed community.  As members of the Healthy Living Interest Community, participants will be able to identify and create their own tailored wellness goals, attend special community programs, and engage in the development of the community's environment.

Eligibility: Open to all students interested in exploring wellness and health.  Enrollment is closed once the building is filled.


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