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Moving Out of the Residence Halls

Students may move out of their residence hall rooms during the academic year: room changes, withdrawing from the university, obtaining an internship/co-op experience, or graduating.

There are three key parts to checking our of your room/suite:
•Remove personal bleongings,
•Clean the room and place furniture according to the specified closing set-up for your residence hall,
•Checking out with a residence hall staff member.

Part of moving out of your residence hall is having a staff member check the room with the resident after the room is cleaned and personal possessions are removed.  Staff members will utilize the room condition form the residents of the room signed upon move-in.  Room furniture must be placed in closing set-up and the room should be returned to a condition and safety level comparable to that existing at the beginning of occupancy.  Residents will be billed for and must reimburse the university for damages to the room or furniture.

RECOMMENDATION:  Attend any mandatory wing meetings for your community.  Stay up to date with processes, evaluations, etc. to make sure you have any important information you may need in regards to the end of semester/end of year processes.

**Please refer to the move-out documents listed on the right for further information.


Moving Into the Residence Halls

Welcome Weekend for new and transfer students begins with move-in on Friday, August 30th.  If you are returning to UW-Platteville, please see the Welcome & Move-In Newsletter for your check-in times. The weekend is full of activities to kick-off the semester.  Please visit for further information and details for the schedule of this weekend

Moving into the residence halls is an exciting part of coming to college!  We are pleased to welcome you to your on-campus living experience. During Welcome Weekend, volunteers serve as Welcome Crew to assist with moving your belongings to your new home.  While we have processes set up to make moving in as easy as we can, please remain flexible as there are a number of students excited to be moving to campus.  Please refer to your residence hall webpage and newsletter (emailed in August) for specific move-in instructions pertinent to your residence hall.

A resident assistant (RA) will be assisting with the check-in of your room.  Take the time to thoroughly inspect your room for existing damages using the room condition form as a guide. List all existing damages upon your check-in on the room condition report. Notify your RA of any room damages immediately. The listing of room damages is important, as you will be personally responsible for any damages found at the time of your check-out from the room. Sign and date the Room Check Form upon your check-in

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