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The Teaching & Learning Center provides resources on demand about a variety of topics related to teaching and learning. Our favorite Internet resources on the following topics are provided here for your convenience. Let us know if you need additional resources on these topics!

New Employee Resource Guide


Topics of Interest for Faculty and Teaching Staff


High Impact Practices

Hot Topics

Writing Emphasis Courses

  • OWL Purdue Online Writing Lab
  • ASCD’s Writing to Learn

Hybrid or Blended Courses

  •   Edutopia Blog
  •   Hybrid Pedagogy
  •   PBS on Digital Media for 21st Century Learners MOOCs
  •   A List of MOOCs
  •   Inside HigherEd Understanding MOOC Dropout Rates

Flipped Teaching

  •   Emerging Ed Tech 7 Stories on Flipped Teaching
  •   Flipped Teaching Resources

Inclusiveness in Teaching
  • Services for Students with Disabilities at UW-Platteville
  • Association on Higher Education and Disability
  • Rehabilitation, Reseach,Design and Disability (r2d2)
  • Native American Resources

Internationalizing the Curriculum
  •   International Programs at UW-Platteville
  •   International Business Resource Center at UW-Platteville
  •   Fulbright Scholar Program

Lesson Study Concept
  •   Lesson Study Project
  •   Lesson Study Research Group
  •   CBS New Report on Lesson Study 2010

Professional Development & Research
  • Office of Professional and Instructional Development (Wisconsin)
  • Professional and Organizational Development (National)
  • International Association for the SoTL (International)
  • Carnegie Foundation for Advancement of Teaching

Teaching Strategies
  •   National Teaching & Learning Forum
  •   Faculty Focus for Higher Education Professionals
  •   National Education Association Best Practices


Topics of Interest for Students
  • Study Skills Help Page (and other useful resources)
  • Tips for College Note Taking
  • General Tips for College Students
  • On Being an Adult Learner



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