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Top Banner Size

My first impression is that the top banner is very large. This is great at the first few levels of navigation but it takes up a lot of space when you get deeper into the site, where pages have more content. Has the design team discussed the option of providing a narrower banner design for pages that are 3-4 levels deep into the navigation? We would like to keep scrolling to a minimum and if the banner takes up a quarter of the page, that is hard to do. Thanks!

Top Banner Size

Thank you for being the first person to post a question! The banner is large enough to accommodate the full university logo, so wherever people land on a page, they will see the UW-Platteville brand. We are working on a handful of pilot sites to test these kinds of things. We will certainly listen to any and all suggestions and make necessary tweaks as we go. We wanted to get some pages out there first as test runs and hear what people like. That is why campus feedback is so important to the overall success of this project. Thanks again! (SOME CONTENT REMOVED BY ADMIN FOR SECURITY REASONS)

Top Banner Size

I agree.  The top banner takes about 25% of the viewing space, compressing the important stuff.


Top Banner Size

Thank you for your input. You will be e-mailed a survey very soon asking for your feedback, and I encourage you to take the survey and help us make improvements to the new site.

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